Our Cosmetic Injectable Treatments

A very popular category of treatments, cosmetic injectables covers a range of treatments, some of which also offer a wide range of their own options.

At Zecca, we pride ourselves on defying the usual expectations of what anti-wrinkle and filler injections can do. We strive to give you results that naturally reveal and enhance your features

Over time, your skin loses its ability to retain moisture and, deep down, becomes progressively more dehydrated no matter what or how much product you apply to its surface. Part of the action of our fillers is they act like injectable moisturisers. Dermal fillers are also used to replace volume loss in areas such as cheeks, lips and temporal hollows.

When injected into the dermis, these fillers plump the skin, increase luminosity and decrease surface wrinkles. This injection restores the deep moisture of your skin exactly where it is needed most. In revitalising your skin from the inside-out it allows your dermis to look and function its best.

Anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections

A smoother, more youthful appearance through treatments that relax the specific facial muscles which cause expression-related wrinkles – most commonly the frown lines, forehead lines, neck creases and crow’s feet. This treatment is also effective in sharpening your jawline, shaping your face and relieving the masseter muscle responsible for teeth grinding. All our anti-wrinkle brands are TGA approved.

Dermal fillers

Through lifestyle, genetics or the simple passing of time, everyone’s skin naturally sags around the bone structure of their face. Dermal fillers are a preparation of a natural compound found in skin carefully administered by a trained professional. The injections are made to re-volumise areas of the face that have lost their dimension and contour. Common applications are the cheeks, lips, under the eyes and the temporal hollows. Dermal fillers can even be used to create a more defined jawline and improve facial symmetry.

Cosmetic injectables dermal fillers
Cosmetic injectables lip fillers

Lip fillers

As the softest feature on the face, lips are among the first to show the signs of aging. Popular with people from 20 to 80, lip fillers are a discreet way to restore appearance or add a subtle new dimension to your face. After Zecca conducts an individual assessment, a trained expert will advise on how to make your lips more natural and well-proportioned through targeting the lip line, the lip border and lip volume. Lip fillers are not necessarily about making lips bigger, in a lot of cases it is finding the right balance of proportions, projection, cupids bow, border, lip lines and apparent hydration.

Cheek fillers

Cheek fillers are one of the treatments that is most effective in immediately creating a rejuvenated appearance. As you age, or through genetics or weight loss, your face-shape changes and volume is lost from the mid-face area – especially the cheeks. This gaunt appearance can be addressed through a special formulation of the naturally derived sugar compound. A trained professional will assess your individual needs and correct the areas of cheek volume loss to give you back more youthful contours.

Cosmetic injectable cheek fillers
Cosmetic injectables v2 beauty booster

V2 Beauty Booster

Offering the ultimate skin hydration treatment the beauty booster promises to deliver fresher, younger healthier looking skin.

Beauty booster is an advanced treatment which delivers skin hydration and elasticity in one easy step, and is suitable for the face and neck.

The beauty booster program will have you seeing your skin glow in a way you have never dreamed possible.

This exclusive patented formula delivers a mix of highly concentrated sugar compound and essential nutrients into the skin. These ingredients in effect target skin hydration, offering antioxidant protection as well as tissue restructuring and cell regeneration.

Your skin will be left looking radiant and healthy.

Double chin reduction

Fullness under the chin or “double chin” is a common concern for both men and women. It may be caused by aging weight changes or genetics. Sometimes, no matter how much you diet or exercise, the fullness in this area may not go away – and if may make you feel like you look older and heavier than you actually are.

Zecca now offers non-surgical double chin fat reduction treatments to help sculpt that stubborn chin area. The fat reduction treatment consists of a series of injections that contain a compound that is naturally found in the body that breaks down fat cells. These dead cells are then absorbed and eliminated from the body.

Cosmetic injectable double chin reduction
Cosmetic injectables hyperhidrosis


Seeming to run in families and affecting more than 100 million people worldwide, hyperhidrosis is a condition in which sufferers appear to have overactive sweat glands. This excessive and unpredictable sweating can cause physical and emotional discomfort. Hyperhidrosis can be diagnosed from normal sweating through the topical starch-iodine test. If the test is positive, Zecca can begin treatment through injecting small doses of purified toxin into the underarm to temporarily block the nerves that stimulate sweating. This treatment either stops or significantly reduces the amount of sweating in the treated area. It can be a life changing treatment for sufferers of hyperhidrosis.


Either through genetics, pregnancy or some other factor, spider veins on the legs are an unsightly condition that some people just put up with. Others turn to sclerotherapy. It is a simple medical procedure that reduces the condition through careful injections of a hypertonic saline solution into the veins in question. The solution then weakens the vein wall and your body naturally removes the non-functioning vessel. It is a straightforward procedure that gives noticeable differences in as little as 3 weeks.

Cosmetic injectables clerotherapy
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